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The more you understand your body and how it functions, the better equipped you'll be at taking care of yourself to achieve optimal health. We've included the Patient Education section on our website to provide you with valuable, practical wellness information which you can incorporate into your lifestyle to improve the quality of your life. We hope you will turn to these pages whenever you have a question about health related issues and urge you to contact our practice at any time to make an appointment with one of our doctors.
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... Obstetrics  Preconception counseling and testing Prenatal care Diabetic screening Genetic testing Routine deliveries(vaginal/cesarean) High Risk pregnancy care Postpartum care Breast feeding Postpartum depression screening Websites of Interest: www...

Our Services
... Gynecological Services Pelvic and breast exam Pap Smears Human Papillomavirus (HPV) screening Blood pressure check Evaluation & Treatment of Irregular Menstruation First GYN exams for adolescent patients Management of Abnormal Pap Smears Menopause Counseling & Treatment Options Preconception counseling STD testing and treatment Contraceptive counseling Osteoporosis screening and treatment Preconception and Obstetrical Care Preconception Counseling & Testing Infertility Evaluation and Treatment Prenatal care Diabetic screening Genetic testing Routine deliveries (vaginal or cesarean) High risk pregnancy care Postpartum care