Medical Weight Loss Program


Pricing for our program is as follows:

  • Initial consultation (includes injection) - $75
  • Follow up visits - $40
  • Treatment may include Ketogenic shots

Weight Loss Tips from Dr. Jasani:

(adapted from this site)

1) Calories Per Day----Loosing weight is all about creating a calorie deficit. One pound equals 3500 calories,which breaks down to 500 calories a day. Do a combo of exercise and cutting calories to reach 500 and  you will loose a pound a week. Don't dip below 1200, as it will slow down your metabolism.

2) Keep Track:-----Monitor  your calories as accurately as you can. Look up calorie amount and write them down in food journal. Weigh yourself once or twice a week to keep track of your progress.

3) Measure and Repeat :-----Have a  measuring cup,spoons and food scales on hand to measure correct portions. In the first few months you will need to measure everything, after a while you will become familiar with what correct portion looks like.

4) Eat 5 Times A Day :------In order to prevent that famished feeling that drives us to overeat, plan on eating three meals and two snacks a day, timing  them so you eat every two to three hours. Don't  skip meals or snacks to save calories, since it will slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain.

5) What To Eat :-----Every  time you nosh, be sure to include protein to satisfy your hunger, fiber to fill you ,healthy carbs to sustain your energy. Breakfast,lunch and dinner can be between 300-500 calories each,and the two snacks 150 each.

6) Save Calories:----Find simple ways to cut calories, whether its swapping your daily coke for water, using one slice of cheese on your sandwich instead of two, or choosing turkey patty instead of beef.

7) Plan Ahead :-----Dealing  with hunger is lose weight, so in order to prevent those pangs from pushing you to grab the nearest cookie, plan out your meals and snacks ahead of time.Write out what you will be eating for the entire week, you will be even more successful if you pack and label foods for each day.

8) Get Moving :----  Diet plan is one part of weight loss  puzzle and the other part is exercise. In order to burn calories to reduce your overall body fat include 60 minutes of heart pumping exercise five times a week. A leisurely walk around the block isn't enough. We are talking running, biking, swimming, and high intensity classes for cardio ,strength training to build fat burning muscle,and stretching to keep those muscles supple and to prevent injury

9) Set Small Goals  And Celebrate  Them :----- Loosing  weight is a long journeys . its helpful to set smaller goals along the way to your big goals .Find  healthy ways to celebrate those milestones such as a pedicure after loosing 5 lbs.

10) Come To Some Tough Realization:--- The first one is that diets aren't the answer.There is no quick fix diet and no one food you can or cannot eat that has magical slimming powers.Find  a way of eating that can be sustained for the rest of your life, where you eat healthy most of the time and allow occasional splurges.The sound realization is that, you can't go back to your old habits once the weight melts away.

11) Be Patient And Remember Why Yor Are Doing It :----- Just as those weight crept on, losing weight the right way takes time, which means dropping about a pound or two a week.

FDA Approved Diet Pills : 

  • Adipex
  • Qysmia
  • Belviq
  • Orlistat
  • Contrave
  • Saxenda