Meet Dr. Jasani

Dr. Jasani PortraitDr. Rojina Jasani has been practicing OB/GYN for more than 24 years, and she loves what she does. She aspires to make patients feel as comfortable and understood as possible, which is why she believes listening to their problems is a huge part of achieving that. While encountering patients who do not speak English as their first language, she attempts to help them understand the medical jargon she uses. Dr. Jasani strongly believes in making all of her patients a partner in their healthcare and help them make educated and informed decisions about their health needs. Her passion is to practice evidence-based medicine. By regularly attending medical conferences and reading medical journals, she keeps her knowledge updated with the newest medical techniques and skills.

One unique quality Dr. Jasani’s private practice embodies is offering medical spa procedures to help her patients look, as well as feel their best, by bringing out their inner beauty. She and her team of dedicated professionals give patients the individualized attention they deserve and leave them feeling healthy, confident, and rejuvenated.

Outside of the office, when she is away from practicing medicine, Dr. Jasani enjoys spending quality time with her family as well as traveling, reading, and listening to music. Her favorite place in the world is New York because she loves the four seasons of the Northeast area, especially the fall season comprised of the warm colors of the fall leaves. She has been married to her loving husband, who is also a practicing physician, and has two beautiful children.